A rebel squadron
For the New Republic!
Leader Azure Naes Draw
Location Echo
Founded June 8, 2010
Dissolved Jan 21, 2011
Azure One: Naes Draw
Azure Two: Chris Horn
Azure Three: Richo
Independent Four: Kirgs

A group of freedom fighters who all met a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... They call themselves a rebel squadron. They claim to be in a faction called "The New Republic" and say they have space ships. They are located in a small building called Echo Base on the skyland of Echo.

Note: Due to inactivity among members, this wing has been disbanded. If any of those members, or others who are involved with the RS wish to take up the standard, restart the wing and contact Naes Draw before editing this page. The historical information will remain until/unless it is reformed.


(OOC: We are from a Star Wars gaming club called Rebel Squadrons Check us out!)

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