Maneuvers Skill Tree Image Hotkey In-Combat Tab
Airbrake Airbrake Skillbox 1 1
Afterburner Afterburner Skillbox 2 2
Sideslip (to port) Sideslip Skillbox (none)
Sideslip (to starboard) Sideslip Skillbox (none)
Sideslip (random direction) Sideslip Skillbox 3 3
Immelman Immelman Skillbox 4 4
Split S Split S Skillbox 5 5
Loop Loop Skillbox 6 6
Barrel Roll (to port) Barrel Roll Skillbox (none)
Barrel Roll (to starboard) Barrel Roll Skillbox (none)
Barrel Roll (random direction) Barrel Roll Skillbox 7 7
Wingover (to port) Wingover Skillbox (none)
Wingover (to starboard) Wingover Skillbox (none)
Wingover (random direction) Wingover Skillbox 8 8

Descriptions of all combat maneuvers. Includes instructions on how to perform each maneuver and tips on how to use them most effectively.

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