Skylands are the remnants of several vast landmasses that once covered much of the planet that Skytopia floats above. However, during the Great Upheaval large pieces of these landmasses were lifted into the air by mysterious sages, to make a new home for the refugees of the upheaval. There are over 40 skylands, 38 of which have known locations. Skylands such as Noptis have gone missing since the Tortugan Upheaval and several, such as Echo and Grottopolis, have been discovered or rediscovered since. A Flight License of appropriate level is required before landing permission to a given Skyland is granted.

Types of SkylandsEdit


Composing the majority of skylands, they are made from what was once the land and are held aloft by the mysterious substance Skystone. While it is not fully understood why the skylands float on Skystone, it is just as well that they do.


Built as mobile (albeit slow) battle platforms, there are five Alpha Stations and are named sequentially. They are large, square floating fortresses. The sixth man-made skyland is Fuseli, a Crimson Armada battleship. Approximately a dozen more Alpha stations were launched in recent times.

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