Cross Bounty Hunter Company
Jack Cross

CEO, Chief Hunter

"For Firepower, Bounty, and Love."
Founded 208 AU
Location Skylet
Dissolved N/A
Product/Service Pirates hunting service and others
Affiliation None


Cross Bounty Hunter Company is founded in March 208 AU in a small skyland where also has the R&P tavern in. By a independent bounty hunter Jack Cross. The reason about Jack founding this company partly due to a humiliating event when Jack start working as a independent hunter, and part because he wants to become a greater bounty hunter than his uncle. So he decided to start a company and doing hunting works for merchants, police, and people in Skytopia. The office is a 20 years old shabby brick house, which is the only house Jack can afford when he founded this company.

Now the company is being shut down for Jack Cross and his members being accused as pirates.


Crews in Felia

  • Maya Borisov, of Fuseli, 1st Mechanic of Felia Zero Shiki, .

Caracal crew

A very quite female caracal came from north who spends most of her free time reading books, the kinds of books varies from novels to philosophic books. Also loves cooking, her borsch recipe is Jack's favorite one.

  • Lady Bones, of Earthbreach, Navigator and Sniper.

Dingo crew

She's a vigorous dingo who always want to try new things and forcing other people to try them with her. Also a born explorer. Quite serious but with a tender heart inside. Her another talent is sniping, Springfield rifle is her favorite. She can shoot a beer bottle's cap from 200 meters away.

  • Joo-Eun Qui, of Isla di Pisa, 2nd Mechanic of Felia Zero Shiki.

Pirate Kitty crew

A 16 years old kitty who born in a East skyland named Cina. Then her parents moved to Isla di Pisa for works. She knows a lot about culture in East Skytopia and is a excellent assistance for Jack dealing business with East people. She's a playful girl who love to play samurai fighting game with Jack. She always plays as Cinanese Swordman and Jack plays as a Sakuran samurai.

Hunters of company

  • Silent, Junior Hunter of CBHC.


Cross Bounty Hunter Company provides these services: Pirate hunting, Assassination, Escort, Emergency combat assisstance, Treasury hunting, and Investigation. Most of his business is against pirates, so he'll refuse executing any uncertain assassinations or hunting without doing proper investigation first.

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