View of Earthbreach
General Info
Founded: 1 A.U.
Danger: Moderate
For Sale
Planes: Hades, Seahawk, Vengeance
Upgrades: Internal Fuel Can, Coolant System, Internal Air Diversion Plates, Med External Fuel Tank

Earthbreach is a skyland in the Islo Region that was once the site of the Throne of Magnus and the capital of his empire. It was here that the Great War ended in cataclysm, and the Great Upheaval began.

Landmarks Edit

The ruins of Magnus' throne still survive at the peak of Earthbreach, but are not accessible by trails or roads, so those wishing to visit the site must fly in or climb a steep, dangerous cliff wall.

Earthbreach was also the site of Admiral Svendheim's final days in 190 AU. A bunker he had constructed far earlier as a last-resort base of operations became his home as Ignacious Fuseli defeated the Commonwealth's last forces. Svendheim refused to surrender and remained in the bunker for five months, his health waning, until he died of pneumonia in mid-190.


Earthbreach is a historically important skyland and the name may relate to a metaphorical breaching of the earth, e.g., the founding of the Kingdom of Magnus, or the destruction of the Great Upheaval.

The name does not appear to have any real world etymology.

Well-known skyrates from Earthbreach Edit

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