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View of Goldenrod
General Info
For Sale
Planes: Cyclops, Mantis, Cetacea, Leviathan
Upgrades: Drop Tanks, Boring Out, Small External Cargo Hold

After the Upheaval, many of the southern Skylands were populated with nomads who had been lifted into the sky along with the deserts they had journeyed upon. Always managing to eke out an existence in the harshest of conditions, they were able to survive and flourish, although they were not able to leave the Skylands until they met up with a large contingent of inventors and scientists, fleeing the Crimson Armada and Green Republic, seeking out a place where their ideas would no longer be shackled and locked away. The nomads gave the scientists the skills needed to survive. The scientists gave the nomads a new land of clouds and sky to wander upon.

Goldenrod is the location of Goldenrod College.


Goldenrod is named after Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO in Star Wars.[1]

Well-known skyrates from Goldenrod Edit


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