This article contains information on a defunct feature of the game and may not be representative of current features.

Base Chassis: Hades
Designed By: Sadistica
Combat Firepower: 16
Armor: 10 mm
Maneuver: 16
Ammo: 3098 rounds
Trading Cargo: 56 crates
Range: 5504 km
Performance Max Speed: 923 kph
Stall Speed: 78 kph
Acceleration: 355 kph/s
Includes Performance Kit, Combat Kit, Large Ammo Feed, .80 Caliber Guns, Redesigned Wings A, Gutted Cargo Hold
Remaining Weight: 200 lbs
Price: approx. 30,047,662 Ģ

The Persephone is a custom Hades build, originally designed by a third party but approved and recognised by Post Aviation. It is designed to please the wealthy Skyrate that wants to do a bit of everything. It's a very capable combat plane with enough armor and ammo for longer risky flights, it has enough performance to make it a capable Inf runner, and it has better trading capacity than the original Hades.

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