The Hangar is accessible when on a Skyland. In the hangar, you can outfit for your next flight, add upgrades to your plane, or even upgrade to a new model. If you are in the mood to shoot down a few pirates, this is the place to sign up.

To enter the Hangar, click on the wrench icon.


The Services area is where you can have your plane's Condition repaired, taking a variable amount of time.

Buying a New PlaneEdit

Once you've saved up enough money, maybe it's time to trade in that old junker and invest in something nice! Each Skyland usually two to four planes, which you can access via the top tabs. You'll be able to see the stats of each plane, a description, and the firing arcs.

The price tag is the price of the plane you're interested in. The trade-in value is 75% of the cost of your current plane. If you've truly found the plane of your dreams, click "Buy Craft."

For a listing of all the planes, go Planes Summary.

Buying GunsEdit

Here you can purchase one of many Guns for each of your arcs, determined by the gun mount size. See Gunsmith for advanced gun details and options.

Buying UpgradesEdit

Here you can see the different upgrades and tweaks available for fitting out your plane. Upgrades available at the Skyland are on the left. Your craft upgrades will be displayed on the far right, and a list of your stored upgrades will be in the middle.

Click on one of the Skyland upgrades to see how it compares to what you have. When interested, try installing it.

You can also click on one of the upgrades you currently have to take it off of your plane.

Patrolling the SkylandEdit

At each Skyland, you will find that pirates are constantly raiding. You can sign up for quick instant combats by clicking on the "Pilots Wanted" poster. This will take you directly to combat, so be ready!