Unknown Triangle
Unknown Triangle Approach
Unknown Triangle TOP
Triangle Top Down In Combat

A variant of the Hidden Circle (previously known as the X-36), the Hidden Triangle is an NPC only plane deployed by the Hidden Fleet, and encountered only in combat. It features three Medium Machinegun turret arcs which provide fairly decent coverage without overlap, each starting at the center of the craft.

It appears in the Hidden Triangle Legendary Combat, as well as alongside other Hidden Fleet planes in the new Legendary Combats.

Relatively unthreatening and fairly poorly armoured, the Hidden Triangle should not pose a significant threat to most pilots.

Name Size Damage Shots Shots per Second DPS Accuracy(+/-) Ammo/shot Ammo/second Crit Chance Default Crit Damage Crit Damage Bonus Length (px?) Width (degrees) Tracking Speed Tracking Angle
Medium Machinegun Turret N/A 14 1 10 140 +20 3 300 5% 150% 0% 450 25 60 90

Raw Arc Data:
XML: <arc center="0,0" length="450" width="25" rotation="0" accuracy="20" damage="14" ammoPerShot="3" firingRate="100" trackingSpeed="60" trackingAngle="90" critChance="5" critBonus="1.5" multiShot="1" critDmgMod="0"/>
Actual: <arc center='0, 0' length='450' width='25' rotation='0' currentRotation='0' accuracy='20' damage='14.000000000000002' ammoPerShot='3' firingRate='100' trackingSpeed='60' trackingAngle='90' critChance='5' critBonus='1.5' multiShot='1' critDmgMod='0' />

Type\Tier 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Combat - - Phantom - Seahawk - Vengeance - Hades Avenger
Perf - - Marauder - Thor - Loki - Nova Ingersoll
Trade - - Nomad - Halifax - Bullfrog Leviathan KingFisher
Upgrade CR-4P - Excelsior - Seafire - Barracuda - Dauntless Mantis
Perf/Combat - Chapparal - Valkyrie - Mkii - Thunderbolt - Havoc
Combat/Trade - Mastiff - Bolo - Cyclops - Barashiki - Bismarck
Perf/Trade - KittyHawk - Requin - Cetacea - Lancaster - Spectre

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