Jade aid skybury

Jade Aid Logo, also the Jade Aid Planes

Jade Aid is a humanitarian organization initially created to help the victims of the War of the Book and the Rose.


Though originally intended to be a temporary organization to help the battle worn citizens of Lhasa, the Jade Aid directors voted to extend the life of the Jade Aid in order to assist the anticipated victims of the Hidden War. The Jade Aid's mission is to assist all people in need, weather they be suffering from famine, war, natural disaster, or any other calamity that plagues the modern skyland.

How Jade Aid WorksEdit

The volunteers of the Jade Aid make no discrimination based on fraction control. When a call for help arives at the dispatch center, the Jade Aid's personal fleet of Spectres is scrambled for deployment. The fleet caries basic items like food, temporary shelter, blankets and first aid equipment. In order to be able to respond to any disaster throughout the Skytopia, the Jade Aid maintains bases on multiple Skylands, each housing a wing of the the Jade Aid Spectres. For particulary dire situations, the Jade Aid keeps 4 Leviathans (fully loaded with supplies) fueled and ready to go at a moments notice. The Leviathan fleet is stationed on Eltsina, Gonk, Uurwerk, and Grottopolis, thus insuring a speedy response throughout the Skytopia. A normal Leviathan wold be impratical as an aid ship because of its slow speed, but top secret engine upgrades and unobtainium gas filling the gas bags ensures a fast-ish and light-ish craft.

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