View of Jordan
General Info
Population: 130,000
Climate: Humid, Rainy, Lush
Danger: Non-existant
Industries: Spas and Resorts, Museums, Skilled Artisans; Carpenters, Potters, Artists, Raider Joe's
Exports: Furniture, Paintings, Pottery
For Sale
Planes: Kittyhawk, Valkyrie, Chapparal
Upgrades: Turbo Charger, High-Performance Wings

The spiraling train ways and architecture of Jordan are remnants of a culture and way of life no longer practiced much in Skytopia. Still, there are a number of Skyrates who frequently make sure to return to Jordan once a year to reconnect with their cultural heritage.


Jordan's waterfall has never ceased flowing in several decades and, despite numerous attempts to determine the reason why, no cause has yet been discovered. One scientist has been quoted as saying "don't try to think about it too much; you'll probably just give yourself a headache".


Raider Joe's
Jordan is the headquarters for Raider Joe's and its flagship store is located on the skyland.


Jordan is likely named after Arabic country of the same name or the Jordan River that forms its current western border. However, Jordan is a very common name meaning "one who descends".

Well-known skyrates from Jordan Edit

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