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"Kadath" redirects here. For the famous person, see Verron Kadath.

Named after the former Guildmaster of the Merchant Guild, Kadath is well known for the bizarre artifacts that litter its surface. Strange carved toroids of stone are embedded across the Skyland. Those passing between them have had differing feelings, ranging from safety and security to apprehension and nausea. The governor dismisses it as mere superstition, but it's hard to discount that there is something very different about the artifacts here.


Kadath is named after Verron Kadath, who invested heavily in the skyland due to his interest in the artifacts found there.

The name is a reference to Kadath in Lovecraftian lore, which is the home of the Great Ones and explains the bizarre artifacts and uneasy feelings.

Well-known skyrates from Kadath Edit

(None... yet! If you know someone whose character is from here, direct them this-a-way!)

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