This article contains information on a defunct feature of the game and may not be representative of current features.

Base Chassis: Kingfisher
Designed By: Orzistic
Combat Firepower: 8
Armor: 15 mm
Maneuver: 4
Ammo: 1464 rounds
Trading Cargo: 140 crates
Range: 3078 km
Performance Max Speed: 176 kph
Stall Speed: 242 kph
Acceleration: 60 kph/s
Includes High Efficiency Mod, Port and Polish, Light Armor Plating, Large Internal Fuel Tank, Medium Armor Plating, Heavy Armor Plating, Large External Fuel Tank
Remaining Weight: 0 lbs
Price: approx. 7,969,543 Ģ

Inspired by The Stone Class Cetacea. Yet another proof of planes in the Skyrate world are driven only by the power of Unobtainium.

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