A small Skytopian mass-producer of light aircraft such as the CR-4P, whose design was licensed to MacLeach (among others) by Hoover Heavy Industries (HHI).


MacLeach Manufacturing was founded in 174 AU by C. Douglas MacLeach, a former business associate of G.C. Hoover who left the company under shady circumstances, the details of which are not widely known. Some in the industry speculate that a dispute over engineering philosophy took place between Hoover and MacLeach, which resulted in MacLeach's firing from the company. MacLeach wasted no time in creating his own firm to produce aircraft in greater volume, but of lesser quality, than Hoover's own company, expecting to eventually run Hoover Heavy Industries into the ground on the basis of price.

CR-4P DevelopmentEdit

The company's early success was directly attributable to having licensed the design of Hoover's own CR-4P. MacLeach quickly set about to modify the internal structural design of the MacLeach-produced CR-4P to further cut back on the amount of material used (as well as the frame's overall strength), and the company subsequently terminated the licensing agreement of the original CR-4P design.


In a bid to avoid being edged out of the entry-level and utility market by MacLeach, Hoover redesigned the original CR-4P, modifying the shape of the wings and lightening the frame somewhat without compromising its integrity. The standard paint scheme of the new aircraft was changed to a light golden-orange color, and the new model was named the Goldfish. However, the Goldfish was still slightly more expensive than MacLeach's cheaply-made CR-4P variant, and did not achieve the wide commercial success that had been hoped.

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