This article contains information on a defunct feature of the game and may not be representative of current features.

Base Chassis: Mantis
Designed By: Valarauka
Combat Firepower: 14
Armor: 8 mm
Maneuver: 15
Ammo: 4513 rounds
Trading Cargo: 83 crates
Range: 6952 km
Performance Max Speed: 1427 kph
Stall Speed: 66 kph
Acceleration: 376 kph/s
Includes Performance Kit,Larger Props,Turbo Charger,Combat Kit,Mad Props,Armor Piercing,Redesigned Wings A,Redesigned Wings B,Trading Kit,Magazine
Remaining Weight: 344 lbs
Price: approx. 96,855,682 Ģ

The Locust model of the Mantis was designed by Valarauka to be a high-performance multi-role aircraft, capable of excelling at combat, trading and mission running.[1]


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