This article contains information on a defunct feature of the game and may not be representative of current features.

Base Chassis: Mk-II
Designed By: Full Circle Flight
Combat Firepower: 14
Armor: 9 mm
Maneuver: 13
Ammo: 2598 rounds
Trading Cargo: 22 crates
Range: 3421 km
Performance Max Speed: 990 kph
Stall Speed: 19 kph
Acceleration: 270 kph/s
Includes Combat Kit, Airdiversion Plates, Larger Props, .80 Caliber Guns, Redesigned Wings A, Large Ammo Feed
Remaining Weight: 600 lbs
Price: approx. 16,334,801 Ģ

The Angel is a purpose-built fighter, designed as an alternative to the popular Hades series of combat planes. The Valkyrie Mk-II base was selected for its smaller profile and impressive forward gun, which allows Angel pilots to deal with enemy craft from safely outside the range of return fire. The Angel's main gun is capable of delivering considerable firepower, while its ability to come to a virtual stop gives it an unparalleled turning speed, making it one of the top fighter planes in the sky.

The design is not without its drawbacks though. The small hull leaves little room for cargo or crew quarters, so it suffers from a lack of the versatility that the Hades enjoys.

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