November Expedition Fund
November Expeditions logo
Board of Trustees
Burrito Loco Board Member
Calvin November Board Chairman
Dodgson C. Lewis Board Member
Ellington Board Member
Edmund C. Fex Board Member
Marcus Cunningham Board Member
Pierce N.V. Post Board Member
Prince Harris Board Member

Founded 190 AU
Location Eltsina
Dissolved n/a
Product/Service Philanthropy
Affiliation n/a

Founded immediately following the Skytopian Civil War, November Expeditions is the only non-profit organization in Skytopia. It administers the November Expedition Fund.

Past and Current Projects Edit

Past projects include the post-Tortugan Upheaval reconstruction of iPRS (in-plane radio system) towers on 22 skylands, endowments for Echo Academy of Flight, and several scholarships for aspiring pilots. More recent projects have included the opening of Crew College.

Crew College Edit

In 203 AU, following the graduation of one of Echo Academy of Flight's largest class to date, pilots across Skytopia began to complain about the lack of suitable crew members available for hire. Analysts have speculated that the overwhelming volume of recent graduates simply exhausted the already limited supply of trained crew members. November Expeditions helped end what had become known as the the Crew Crisis by launching Crew College. Affectionately known as CrewU, this distance-learning institution offers low-cost certification courses for potential crew members.

Criticism Edit

The foundation's various funding sources have come under close scrutiny due to alleged links between Board Chairman, Calvin November, Captain Remy Sans-Barbe and Jade Hand émigré Guildmistress Dasha Eltsina.

In an exclusive interview with Green News Network (GNN) reporter Tom Boppel, Calvin November carefully explained saying, "Revealing the names of the fund's financiers would not only be detrimental to [November Expedition Fund's] solvency, it also would jeopardize its future viably." Breaking from his prepared statement, Calvin remarked candidly, "Let's face it, Tom. Not every Skyrate out there is in a big hurry to have their financial laundry aired. We have been fortunate enough to work with a few pir..., uh... a few of the less respected members of our society. It seems that almost everyone has a generous heart when it comes to certain causes."

Repeated attempts to sequester the foundation's financial reports have been, thus far, blocked by shrewd civil litigation and, some reports imply, by "aggressive means of persuasion".

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