Schwarz Ops Munitions Co.

CEO, Director, Chief Engineer

"Schwarz Ops Munitions, we make dealing death easier"
Founded 213 AU
Location Isla di Pisa
Dissolved N/A
Product/Service Armaments and modifications
Affiliation unaffiliated


Schwarz Ops Munitions Co. was incorporated as a subsidiary of Schwarz Ops Inc. in late 213 AU after its founder noticed that the pirates had survived the storm with fully functional equipment while exploring as part of the November Expedition Fund. He quickly realized that in order to effectively combat the very capable pirate forces, the honest citizens of Skytopia could use some additional firepower. The firm's initial design was called the SM-61 Vulpine Cannon. As a replacement for the small machine gun the SM-61 traded damage per round for increased rate of fire. Designs for the SM-61 had been finalized by the mid 214 AU, but due to a lack of manufacturing facilities the first production models were not available until later that year.


Vulpine tease SR date Vulpine box Vulpine bar full

The product line expandsEdit

As the aerospace production facilities of Skytopia came back on line and pilots upgraded to faster and more powerful planes, Schwarzfuks realized the need for even heavier weapons. With the assistance of the shadowy figure known as Henri Clay he developed the SM-151 20mm Auto-Cannon and the SM-DU30 Depleted Unobtanium Auto-Cannon. Offering increased range and field of fire these proved to be extremely powerful when used in concert with howitzer's manufactured by Ace's Hardware.

Models by Schwarz Ops Munitions Co.Edit

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