Sideslip Skillbox
Handy for when you need to gently step out of the way of a charging enemy, like being a bullfighter. Learn how to perform the sideslip maneuver in combat, and reduce its Gumption cost.
Skill Category Flight
Requires Afterburner
Unlocks none
Cost for 1st Level 5 FP
Cost for 2nd Level 25 FP
Cost for 3rd Level 60 FP
Cost for 4th Level 150 FP
Cost for 5th Level 450 FP

Sideslip causes your aircraft to roll once to the right or left (in aircraft which cannot roll, you simply slide). Similar to barrel roll in appearance, sideslip consists of only a single roll, occasionally making it difficult to discern the difference between sideslip and barrel roll when an enemy first begins a rolling maneuver.

Sideslip is also one of the few combat maneuvers that almost all planes can perform (including blimps, but excluding the Leviathan), and the only such maneuver that reduces silhouette to raise the plane's dodge chance.

Sideslip is basically a more controlled version of barrel roll, is shorter, and leaves the plane off center, limiting its use to some players. Sideslip is most effective when a barrel roll would be too long, or lead the player into a risky situation. Like barrel roll, sideslip does not alter the speed of the aircraft performing the maneuver.

It is worth noting that sideslip, as implemented in Skyrates, bears little resemblance to its real-life counterpart. A true sideslip involves orienting the fuselage of the aircraft away from the aircraft's current track, or current direction of travel.

Combat Maneuver Recipe
Sideslip (to port)
Hotkey: 3
1st Keystroke SHIFT+
2nd Keystroke SHIFT+
3rd Keystroke SHIFT+
Known planes that cannot perform this maneuver Leviathan
Combat Maneuver Recipe
Sideslip (to starboard)
Hotkey: 4
1st Keystroke SHIFT+
2nd Keystroke SHIFT+
3rd Keystroke SHIFT+
Known planes that cannot perform this maneuver Leviathan

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