Skyrates 2.5 introduced the new mechanic of Skyland Moods, which adjusts mission payouts. When most Skylands are captured, their mood changes to Content at the nightly flag-changing, then decreases every two days, eventually remaining at Unhappy until flipped again. Skylands held by Pirates and the Hidden Fleet are always Unhappy. The exceptions are Factional Capitals, which are constantly Celebratory when held by their own faction and Rioting when held by any other faction (including Pirates and Hidden Fleet), and Tortuga, which is Unhappy at all times (even when held by the Pirates). At this point, there is no way to change Skyland moods except by flipping the skyland; however, the devs intend to implement other methods of changing it later.[1]

The Skyland Mood bonus is additive with Diplomats' bonuses. Thus, if you have a Level 2 Diplomat (bonus of 4%) and Level 4 Diplomat (bonus of 8%) and take a mission from an Anxious Skyland that your faction does not control (bonus of 20%), your total payout bonus will be 4% + 8% + 20% = 32%. This bonus applies to both influence and cash.

Skyland Mood Controlling Faction's Bonus Other Factions' Bonus
+50% 0%
Day 1 & 2
+10% 0%
Day 3 & 4
0% 0%
Day 5 & 6
0% +10%
Day 7 & 8
0% +20%
0% +30%
0% +50%



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