By: Luckie Tammatini

I only wanted to be someone here.

Watching the ranks of the influential

Falling from grace...

Losing myself in a swirl of insults and criticisms.

The stories, they fail me.

I don't belong here.

I still have much to learn.

The SkyWriters.

They're everywhere.

The stories on the forums.

Everyone, it seems, is a SkyWriter

Save for me

Save for a select few.

What do Skyrates like to read?

I try

I fail

They tell me to go home

I tell them, No.

I still have much to learn

But why am I here?

The workings of the SkyWriters

They should have their own faction.

I want to be a part of it.

But wait!

Players from all three factions are here.

Send out invitations to a Meeting of SkyWriters.

Will nobody show up?

Watch the action blips

Copy-paste them to website notes

Remember to cite!

Cite date, time, everything

Along with name.

Read the forum stories

The action

Not what I'm used to

Pay attention

For I still have much to learn

And the roleplay.

The ever-present force in my life.

Interrupt a roleplay, and you're dead meat.

They are important

They keep creativity up!

Prepare to laugh and admire the stories

That will end up on the forums.

The fates of imaginary characters.

The backstories behind them.

So fascinating.

Maybe I'll create a roleplay one day.

The SkyWriters.

They're everywhere.

They have a faction

The faction exists.

The proof is in the writing

The proof is in the words.

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