the System of the World
We make skytopia better
Leader Azure Eskay
Location Uurwerk
Founded  ?
Dissolved N/A
Azure Eskay
Azure Sluor
Azure Prince Harris
Azure Mahmoth
Azure Kathryn
Azure Istatay
Azure Kanamdso
Crimson nehp

The System of the World is a group of skyrates dedicated to improving the game through diverse means. Specific goals include

  • Deepening understanding of the game's mechanics and community
  • Documenting evolutions in the game and community
  • Promoting a more knowledgeable player base
  • Influencing the game in a positive direction
  • Creating tools to widen the functionality and increase enjoyment of Skyrates.



These projects have been finished and presented to the community. They may still be static, or updated and revised over time.


Hotmod (forum thread) allows players to try out different aircraft builds before they purchase them in game. The entire list of flyable craft, upgrades, and relevant skills can be used to derive statistics for a theoretical aircraft build. Hotshot is a related system that allows similar testing with gun upgrades.


Skycust (forum thread) is a system that replaces the default avatars of the skyrates forum with custom ones. It works with lists of names and images ("providers"), and substitutes in the new avatar for the one provided by if one is suggested. Anyone can create a provider, and users can specify which providers they prefer in a reasonably rich way.

Portrait StudioEdit

Portrait Studio is a donation incentive program where a player can recieve a customized avatar in exchange for donating funds to the skyrates server fund. Depending on the amount donated, the player can specify a level of complexity in the avatar, ranging from basic recolors, to new creations. All avatar edits are full body, but also include a circular portrait for use on forums with Skycust.


The Skyrates Pathfinder (forum thread) is an optimal route calculator for Skyrates, that can account for a decent number of variables, including speed, trade times, avoidance of fuel stations, and so on.


The Lurker is a chat logging project, in which all the public radio channels (General, Help, and Role Play) are recorded in near real time. It is searchable by keyword or name. There are currently two incarnations of the lurker. [Lurker Classic.] [Zolurker.]

No longer updatingEdit

These projects are not currently being updated. They may be out of date or non-functioning.

Community RelationshipsEdit

Community Relationships is visual presentation of how the skyrates players have met in person (i.e.: outside of the game). Skyrates can opt out if they do not wish to be included on the chart. Data is collected via interviews and submissions, and is therefore not exhaustive. It is no longer being updated as of January 2010.

Skyrates OverviewEdit

Catchy SlogansEdit

  • We solve the mysteries of Skytopia.
  • People who have the skills to make skyrates better making it better.
  • We're here to make Skytopia better and not be devs, and we're all out of not-be's.

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