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A World In Turmoil Edit

With the world nearly under a Second Unification, Green Republic President Kenisu Ichojari founded a new coalition foundation named the United Factions Assembly. The Assembly was created in an attempt to allow every member of the factions their voice to be heard in a place that would not strike down what they had to say, and would instead promote a peaceful feeling toward each other.

The UFA first convened with two representatives to every faction except for Green itself. At the time, the Republic was electing a new Vice President, who would become the second member of their representation.

The UFA's meetings were usually made whenever a grievance or misunderstanding took place. However, it was not beside the UFA to meet and talk of an issue which they all felt was at hand, as a means to ease tensions and report back to their respective factions. The UFA was also indirectly helping the devs, who would help to bring an ease of tension by making reports on how they planned to solve the issues the UFA brought up.

A Reset Changes All Edit

As of the time this article is being written, the UFA has only one representative for each of it's factions. However, several of the representatives left their post without notification, thus creating a void. Flight School's Bear Johhansen was one of such representatives, thus opening a seat for Flight School. The Azure Conclave still has Burrito Loco, though they have remained silent. It is unsure whether or not the Empire still employs their representative of the seat, as he has also since fallen silent.

The End? Edit

There is loose talk and speculation that the UFA was a 'failure'. However, those who nay-say it's purpose fail to realize that it was actually a total success. Tensions were eased dramatically during the Second Unification, and the members of the UFA enjoyed their stay on Eltsina; several of whom expressed that they 'missed' the communication with their counter-parts. President Ichojari, creator of the UFA, has expressed his own concern, and plans on gathering new representatives.

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