Workforce is used in the Hidden War event to pay for Faction Abilities. Workforce is earned in two ways: by completing missions and by defeating certain Legendary Combats in skyland patrols.[1]

Workforce goes to the skyland where the influence is earned or the patrols are defeated. Workforce earned by Independents and Flight Schoolers goes to the faction who controls that skyland. For those in other factions, 50% of their Workforce goes to their own faction on that skyland and the other 50% goes to the faction who owns that skyland. If it's a faction member on a skyland owned by their own faction, all the Workforce goes to their own faction.

Due to an RP decision, members of the Azure League, Jade Hand, Earthen Order, and Court of Violets currently earn 15% less influence than the default.[2] [3] This effectively decreases their Workforce gains, although Workforce is not directly penalized.

Workforce is earned from missions in a simple proportion: each mission gives 10% as much Workforce as it does influence. Diplomats, plane condition, and fortifications all affect Workforce; that is, the Workforce gained is 10% of the change in influence on the Skyland Influence page for that skyland. Influence gained on other skylands by effects such as Infiltration does not create Workforce.[4]

Workforce is only earned from combats when they're fought during a patrol, and only certain combats earn Workforce. Those combats are outlined in the following chart.[5]

Combat Workforce
Hidden Patrol 10,375
Minefield 2725
Hidden Fleet 17,125
Lighthouse 16,000
Two Towers 18,250
Hidden Circle 5875
Hidden Triangle 4750
Hidden Square 7000
Hidden Airship 3625
Hidden Ring 10,375
Hidden Raid 12,625
Hidden Attack 14,875
Hidden Assault 19,375
Mine Storm 5875
Hidden Storm 25,000


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