Yggraga Varance
Fox Female
Born June 12th
Species Fox
Affiliation Training School

A newcomer to the scene, Yggraga has only been flying for a short while before she decided to take on the world. This would be pirate baroness can usually be found near a repair yard, smelling of burnt fuel after her most recent defeat.

Character DescriptionEdit

((Work in Progress))

Character BackgroundEdit

((Work in Progress))

Plane HistoryEdit

Broken Liar: With an old Mastiff model aircraft, Yggraga thought it would be clevar if she made it look damaged. Of course, this tactic would have worked much better on a plane actually suited for combat, and it can usually be seen spiraling towards the sea with real bullet holes right alongside the fake ones painted on. How she ever makes it from port to port is a miracle in itself, but she usually manages a few units of cargo as well. Of course, all potential profits go right back into making the Broken Liar at least somewhat ship shape.

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